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Having Trouble With Your Turbo Diesel Engine?

We have the tools(obviously), equipment and know-how to diagnose and repair you diesel engine.

The modern diesel engine is completely computer controlled or "Fly By Wire" to properly diagnose problems in the new trucks you need to be able to monitor the data from all of the individual sensors and switches in the vehicle. There can be over 400 sensors in the modern deisel truck.  

Electronic Diagnostics

Any Truck that comes in gets a DTC diagnostic done ASAP. Often times there are codes generated and stored by the on-board computer which don't illuminate the check engine light. This is where computer controlled vehicles shine. The vehicle might already be aware of a problem and have a code stored for it.  

These codes give us information the driver can't and often lead us to a quick solution. Knowing exactly how to read these codes is important as often a code pointing to one thing is only a symptom of an original problem. Instead of just throwing parts at it like many novice mechanics would, we have years of experience that tells us where the problem actually lies. 

Mechanical Repairs
Replacing/Rebuilding the Broken Parts

Once we've pinpointed the problem with proper diagnostic proceedures we can now quickly go straight to the actual problem and fix it in the most efficient and economical way possible. No One likes to waste money and we certainly don't want to waste your money, or our own time


That being said this is the time to address common weak points for your engine and drivetrain. Any problems you have been puttig off, upgrades you have been meaning to do, or parts we see are about to fail should be replaced while we have the truck apart. We will go over all of your options with you and recommend any upgrades and maintenance that should be done while we are working on it. 


We believe in full transparency. If you have a question just ask.

Electronic Diagnostics
Live Data Monitoring

The next step in proper diesel diagnostics is to monitor the actual live data the vehicle is collecting. All of those sensors are constantly feeding data to the on-board computer and we can monitor this data in real time to determine the health of most of the engine components. 

We know exactly which combinations of sensors to monitor to pinpoint the problem based on the symptoms and DtCs. This is where experience and knowledge are key. Any diesel mechanic worth your time will know how to use live data to very quickly determine the problem and what needs to be addressed first.

Maintenance & Upgrades
Keep It Running & Make it Fun To Drive

Proper maintenance is key to long engine life. We advocate all owners know and understand what needs to be done to keep your sh!t running smooth for a long time. 

Want to grin everytime you step on the gas pedal? Or, are you looking to make your vehicle run as fuel efficent as possible? We can give you both at the same time actually. We can custom tune your computer to fit your driving style and work with any upgrades you may have.


Not only can we offer any upgrade you may want, we plan to build the upgrade and delete kits at a quality and price not yet seen in the market.

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