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How it's Made (o_O)
Our Flagship Product:

Ford 6.0L High Pressure Oil Rail Nipple Cup Tool

This is how it all started....

Mark Hodges and Corey Colvin got together to design a better tool at a cheaper price for replacing the nipple cup/ball tube O-rings on a Ford 6.0L Diesel engine. 

Ford 6.0L IPR Test Plug

The only proper way to test your high pressure oil system now is with an IPR test plug. The new updated stand pipe design has internal check valves which keep oil in the rail from draining out for quicker starts. This makes the traditional mehtod of testing through the ICP port less accurate. 

How to Replace The Nipple Cup Seals on a Ford 6.0L High Pressure Oil Rail

Our special Tool in action, replacing the nipple cup seals on a high pressure oil rail. This video goes over the whole process.

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