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Whether your looking for that special tool to get the job done, or need a quality mechanic to do the job, you're come to the right place.


Specialty Diesel & Automotive Repair Tools

We make that tool you need to get the job done, and we make it simple and effective to save you money.


Custom Machine and Tool Design

Have a product you want to bring to market. We are setup to handle any project large or small. From a broken whatcha-ma-call-it to a 10,000 unit order, we are setup to make it happen.


Diesel Diagnostics and Repair

Truck won't start?

Making a Funny Noise?

Check Engine Light On? 

We can diagnose and fix your problem quickly and easily to get you back on the road again.


Custom Diesel Products

We're working on a whole range of products to fix common problems in your truck. From EGR delete kits to High Pressure Oil System upgrades, we want to make it better and cheaper.


Performance Tuning and Upgrades

Want to get every last bit of power you can out of your truck?

Want to get the best fuel mileage possible?

We can give you all that and more!

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