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From Neccesity -to> 3D Design -to> Milling -to> Testing -to> Final Product...

Every detail is thought out, designed and tested in real world application prior to distribution. We want our tools to not only serve as the ideal tool for the weekend warrior, but to also withstand daily abuse in an everyday shop environment. 

      3D CAD Design 


When we set out to create a new tool or product, 3D CAD/CAM design is a great way for us to design and test it in a virtual world prior to the actual machining process. This saves time, money and material that would normaly just go to waste in a trial and error situation.

We can design and test entire multi-part assemblies virtually before any piece or metal is actually cut. This design can then be fed straight into our CNC machines to create the part with far greater accuracy and precision than a manual machining process 

      CNC Machining

Once we have a design ready to create. We then go about the actual machining process. This is done with very precise Computer Controlled Mills and Lathes. These expensive machines are capable of reproducing parts with tollerances far lower than one could manually.

The effective use and operation of these machines is an art in of itself. One not only needs a thourogh grasp of the manual machining process, but also the programming and communicaiton of the machine via computer or console.

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       Finished product

Once we have a rough finished product we begin thouroghly testing it for weakness and effectiveness. If it fails to pass our standards for a good tool, we keep make changes and improvements until we get it right. 

From there we go about the finishing process, or polishing, coating, engraving, etc to give you a product that will look good and last a long time.

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